Sicilian Orange Cake


  1. Perl

    Hi Vanillyn
    I’d like to tell you that I tried your Sicilian Orange cake yesterday and finally it’s the texture I’ve been looking for a very long time. I think the AP flour with the
    3 tsp of baking powder makes the difference. I also mix by hand the flour in
    3 lots and then the o/juice in 3 lots pouring from the side of the bowl.
    The results, a perfectly moist cake to die for.
    Thank you sooooooo much.
    Just a question, how about baking a butter cake? Do I put milk or cream in place of the o/juice? Or do you have a good butter cake recipe?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. vanillyn

      Hi Perl,
      I am so happy to hear that your cake is a success! I agree with you that this cake is to die for and perhaps your method of adding the flour and juice in 3s makes it even more sublime. I would try that next time. For butter cake, you can use this recipe and replace the OJ with milk and omit the orange zest and grand marnier if you add them. And you can add a little rum if you like.

      1. Perl

        thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated!
        brandy should be good too for butter cake.
        I made it again yesterday to make sure I can reproduce the same..yes I did it!
        God bless

  2. Laura Anna

    This is in the oven now; I am making it for a get-together tomorrow afternoon. I used an 8 inch tin pan. Is the batter supposed to come to the very top when you pour it from the bowl to the pan?

    Do I put the icing on tomorrow morning or is that done tonight?

    1. vanillyn

      Hi Laura, the batter should not come to the top as it might overflow in the oven. Fill it 3/4 full should be fine. If you do the icing in the night, just make sure you pour it over only when the cake has completely cooled. Otherwise the next morning is fine too.

      1. Laura Anna

        La torta was a hit at the get-together! This is definitely a keeper recipe! (I used one entire orange’s zest – too little is a tease.)

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