Black Sesame Chiffon Cake


  1. Rae

    Hi…i understand that your recipe is based on using a 6 inch cake tin however if i doubled your recipe will it be too much for the size of my cake tin which is 26cm/10 inches?

    1. vanillyn

      Hi Rae, I’ve not tried doubling the recipe into a 10inch pan but I think it is worth a try. Just make sure you only fill the pan up to 3/4 full to allow space for the cake to rise.

  2. Gracefruit

    Wow. I am truly speechless. The one pic of the cake close-up with the meringue on top makes me DROOL. Unbelievable. I love black sesame-flavored everything, and this takes the CAKE!! (pun slightly intended!). I am so looking forward to delving through more of your recipes! Cheers!! <3

    1. vanillyn

      Hi Jennifer, I omitted the step on flour… oops. The flour is to be folded in the egg yolk mixture after the water & canola oil.

  3. jennifer

    You mentioned pastry flour in the ingredients but never mentioned in the recipe where to add it in. Unless I’m missing something ?
    oh help
    thank you

  4. april

    Your pictures of this cake made me want to make. It was great especially with the lemon curd. I’m most definitely make it again. I think I’m going to try and doubling the recipe so it fills my pan better. To lazy to go out and buy a smaller pan. Thanks.

  5. Maria

    Hi! Quick question. What are the dimensions of your cake tin. Plus you have stated that one can use cake flour or pastry flour but the thing is both have different levels of proteins therefore affecting the rise of the cake. So which one in your opinion is better.


    1. vanillyn

      Hi Maria, thank you for asking on the dimensions of my cake tin, I should have indicated in the recipe. I used a 6-inch chiffon cake tin for this recipe. As for the flour, I tried both cake flour and pastry flour and they both turn out fine but my preference would be the pastry flour for this cake. 🙂

  6. Irene @ {a swoonful of sugar}

    I’m the exact opposite, I had my first beginner’s luck for my first chiffon cake (which was black sesame too! it was greaaaat) then I had my failure for my second- I just got impatient and cooled the cake in the fridge when I thought it was fairly room temp already. But apparently not, so it shrunk to a leathery, dense mess. The memory still scares me, I probably won’t be attempting another soon. Yours look tons beautiful though :)))

    1. vanillyn

      Hi Irene, yeah I can understand the impatience of waiting for the cake to be cooled… I’ve done that many times for other cakes. Now that I know this “quick cool method” won’t work for chiffon. I’m with you on that scary bad memory of failed chiffon. I hope you will try it again soon 🙂

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